May 26

We Have A Real Office!

We are so excited about all the changes that are happening!  This week we moved “across the wall” into our new front office.  Here are some pics! We are currently looking for some local artists that want to give it more flare as we paint the walls–so let us know if you know someone who […]

May 21

Coming This Week!

Don’t be surprised when you bring your dog to daycare this week if we ask you to step “behind the curtain”.  🙂  Yes, by this coming Monday afternoon you will be entering through a different door into our new front office.  So follow the signs! Another new change will be new software, as we will […]

Apr 1



This just in from the IBPSA (International Boarding and Pet Services Association): Congratulations to Joy Jones and Dave Jones, Owners, Your Pet Space in Las Cruces, New Mexico, who have earned Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP) status! Learn more about PACCC here: To see how few of these providers there are at this time, […]

Mar 25

Under Construction Again!


Well, get ready, clients!  We are all set to sign a new lease to begin in May–can you believe it’s been two years already?  Here are some changes you will begin to see happen and will continue to progress throughout the summer: 1.)  Our business office and retail case will move across the wall into […]

Mar 5

New Check In Requirements!

Copyright: damedeeso / 123RF Stock Photo

We are excited to say that we have routinely been assessing 4 to 6 new dogs every week for the last month or so!  As you can imagine, this bodes very well for the coming season.  That said, we have decided to implement the following new Check In Requirements for all dogs, not just new […]

Feb 3

Spring/Summer Boarding Passes and Deposits

Copyright: damedeeso / 123RF Stock Photo

We are so excited that daycare has been booming and Spring Break is right around the corner!  It’s time for clients that are planning to board their dogs four nights or more to purchase our Spring and Summer boarding passes.  Here’s what you need to know: SPRING/SUMMER BOARDING PASSES (A good value if you are […]

Dec 17

Tis The Season

Wow, it’s been awhile since we posted here! Yes, we’ve been just that busy. 🙂 The latest thing that’s been keeping Dave and I running around is trying to figure out what’s happening with our little Brittany, Castle. She seems to have gone suddenly blind, and we have been taking her back and forth to […]

Aug 29

New Requirements For Your Pet Space

Large Your Pet Space Banner

As our clients know, for awhile now we have performed Off Leash Play Assessments for all new dogs, and repeat these for regularly attending dogs every three months, so that we are continually assessing the behavior of the dogs that come to us at Your Pet Space. Recently, we’ve decided to post some changes to […]

Jul 2

Las Cruces Health and Fitness Expo 2016

What a great time we had this year at the Health Expo!  As the only animal oriented exhibitor, our booth drew a lot of attention as Dave introduced passersby to our Brittany, Castle, while Patricia Veronica Fraser spoke to people and demonstrated the benefits of reiki for both themselves and their pets, and I handed […]

Jun 4

19 Is No More!

On May 21st, we broke our top occupany number of 19 dogs at once (with 23 dogs in house).   For many months we just could not get over 19, and since our capacity at Your Pet Space is 40, we are very excited at this breakthrough!  Since the 21st, we have run steadily, days […]