Active dogs can benefit from daycare because it’s a great and safe energy outlet. Dogs in our care are taught by dog handlers as well as by other well mannered daycare dogs how to play safely and appropriately. After a day of daycare most dogs are tired out and will go home to enjoy a cuddle on the couch or maybe take a nap while you make dinner.

A trained dog is a happy dog. It’s very confusing to dogs when they do not understand why they get in trouble and equally as confusing to not know how they should behave to get rewarded. This can all cause high levels of frustration which, combined with boredom is then demonstrated by bad behavior: chewing, digging, getting into the trash, eating laundry and counter surfing.)

Training is more than physical. It is a mental workout for a dog and most of the time mental exercise can tire out a dog equally as well as physical exercise. In training you are able to learn to communicate with your dog on the same frequency. This allows you to teach your dog new tricks as well as shape existing behaviors to something more desirable.

Working with a trainer in the peace and quiet of your home or maybe a controlled group setting at a low energy location is often utilized. This may work, but what happens when you get to a high energy environment? Will the commands still work or is the stimuli so strong now that the dog seems to forget?

By combining daycare with training we are again able to release some energy first. The dog will have a few hours of safe play, then our trainer will take the dog away from the group for 10 to 15 minutes and work on some training. The dog is training within the facility, so there are noise distractions around. However, the dog is no longer as high energy as when he came in, and is better able to focus. By training in this way we are able to address any behavioral problems that arise in the midst of a high energy environment. This teaches the dog that no matter how exciting a place we are in, we still must behave in a well mannered way.

 If your dog is having any behavioral issues that only appear at home we can still help! We can provide you with at home services combined with daycare. Your dog will have the same great experience at daycare along with a scheduled  better focused training session at home. We will work on any behavioral issues that you may be experiencing, as well as have consult sessions with you to teach you techniques to use with your dog at home.  

We use positive reinforcement training and we feel passionately that every dog is an individual. This means we can add training tools and change approaches depending on each individual dog’s situation. 

Sadly, we have seen too many owners give up their dogs or suffer in silence for lack of training that works for them. Please don’t feel like you’re alone–we might just have the perfect solution for you. Call us!