The Your Pet Space mission is to Make Pets Better, with high focus on Dog Socialization, Fullfillment, Training and Client Education.   We work exclusively  with clients that are dedicated to their pet living its best life.  Read on to learn more!

What is Cage Free Boarding?

Cage free boarding is the gold standard boarding experience for your dog! When weather allows, your dogs will have hours of play, fullfillment activities and socialization in our outer yards with their furry friends under staff supervision, a 3 hour snooze in the middle of the afternoon (just like they would do at home), an early evening dinner and play session, and then bed down for the night in our comfy group area with our overnight staff. They’ll get a choice of people furniture or dog beds, blankets…everything they need to feel loved and secure.

And when it’s too hot, cold, or stormy outside, we have a 5,000 square foot indoor play area they can romp in, that is temperature controlled for their comfort!

Is Daycare Right For My Dog?

Can Your Dog Do It?

You might be surprised to see how social and friendly most dogs are, once they know each other. Often, this takes no time at all!

If your dog is new to our facility, they are required to come for a full observation day before you drop them off for overnight boarding. We will discover who their best friends will be, and they get used to our daily routine and our staff.  Our midday naptime simulates boarding, so  we can observe any stress that comes up and know what your dog needs to be comfortable during their stay.  The best thing, though, is that YOU return at the end of that day–so they know when they come to Your Pet Space you are always coming back.  🙂

Don’t Worry

The truth is, not all dogs like daycare.  In the event your dog cannot socialize or doesn’t react well to several of the other guests, we may be able to offer in home pet sitting with one of our staff, for their safety and comfort.  We will not keep your dog in a state of stress–ever.

What is Soft Enclosure Daycare?

Between activities in our Mission Discovery Daycare Program, your dog is in a soft blanketed, enclosed rest area.  There is a staff member in view just in case they are stressed at any time.  The dogs proceed in groups to each activity of the day, and while resting they get treats, Kongs, music keyed to a dog’s ear, and calming essential oils are in the air.  Yes, we are often asked if humans can check in, too!  But no, this is just for your dog.  🙂

What Is Klimb Training?

We use Klimb platforms at Your Pet Space.  You can see one in use here:

The platform allows us to begin by teaching your dog “go to your place”–so helpful when you want them to stop barking at the door or begging at the table!

Almost all our obedience cues are taught on the Klimb–and it’s great to transition from basic to beyond!

Ever had the experience of attending a training class with your dog and all goes well–but then they go to an exciting place like the farmer’s market and seem to “forget” their training?

Or are you the pet parent that wishes you could or knew how to work with your dog on their training more?

Dogs at Your Pet Space are trained during Mission Discovery daycare–yes, it’s included!  And we think we’re a pretty exciting place.  🙂  We practice daily having other dogs and people pass our staff as they are training a dog.  Because we know life doesn’t happen in a training class.

Included is also a video training class and videos of our staff performing the training.  We are invested in your success and believe that a good dog is a happy dog!


Do I bring my dog’s food? What about dogs that are on special diets, or require medication?

We recommend all clients bring the food their dog is used to—it can be very unsettling to the stomach to suddenly switch food on a dog. However, if you forget their food or they run out, we can supply food for a small, additional charge. We have refrigeration available for any foods or medications that require this and can easily dispense your dog’s medications as well.

Written feeding instructions are very helpful, as is using Standard US measurements (cups and ounces). If your dog uses a food bowl that is non metal, you’ll want to label and include it. Some dogs prefer their own bowls!

How do you keep your facility clean?

One of the benefits of cage free boarding with constant on site staff is that we can clean up immediately if there’s an “accident”. Our play yards are cleaned up right after feeding in the morning and evening, and spot cleaned in between. For their safety, dogs are not allowed to run in the play yards after dark. However, if your dog needs to go out in the night, we have a secure area we can take them for a brief visit, accompanied by a staff member. Just let us know if you dog may need this. We also do frequent, thorough cleanings of the facility, using veterinary grade, environmentally friendly cleaning products. However, our facility has wonderful, flow through ventilation, so you shouldn’t smell either cleaning solvents or other odors when you visit. 

What records should I bring and what else should I know to book daycare and/or boarding with you?

First and foremost, in a community boarding environment, we are unable to accept large, unfixed dogs, or dogs that exhibit aggression toward other animals or people.  If you need a referral to someone else, give us a call.  

Rabies Vaccine Certificate

Canine Parvo/Distemper

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)–dog must have had the vaccine at least 1 week prior to care

In addition to required vaccinations, all dogs must be flea and tick free. Canine guests with signs of fleas and/or ticks will be treated at the client’s expense prior to check-in.