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Approximately 20,000 pets are taken to or found by shelters and rescues in the greater Las Cruces/Dona Ana County area per year due to bored pets escaping from yards, or under exercised pets causing trouble and being relinquished by owners. When you pick them up from Your Pet Space they will have had a happy, relaxed day out of trouble and be ready to curl up with you for the evening. Bring your dogs for day care while you work, shop or play, and know that they are in our safekeeping.

Overnight Boarding

Cage free boarding and day care is the experience of the future for your dog! Your dogs will have hours of play and socialization in our outer yards with their furry friends during the day under staff supervision, a 3 hour snooze in the middle of the afternoon (just like they would do at home), an early evening dinner and play session, and then bed down for the night in our comfy group area with our overnight staff. They’ll get a choice of people furniture or dog beds, blankets…even comfy space themed pup tents to make nervous dogs feel secure.

Pet Sitting and Extra Services

By far, we expect the largest number of the pets we serve will be happiest socializing with others at our cage free facility. But we know there are special situations (elderly or fragile pets, pets that don’t socialize well, pets that need many medications, and of course our cat lovers) where we can better serve the pet by providing care in their own little universe. We’ve got you covered here, too–with our dedicated crew of background and reference checked pet sitters! We have the perfect person to go to your home to care for your cat or dog, or welcome them into their own home. You can even order a combination of day care at the facility and home pet sitting for your specific situation–just ask us for a quote! The YPS “Petmobile” is completely fitted for transporting your pets in safety, with secure compartments between the passenger and driver areas, safety harnesses, and we travel with big, comfy beds so your pet can have a nap on the way. Please let us know if your pet prefers its own crate for transport.

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