We are the only cage free boarding center in Las Cruces. Unlike caged centers, we do not accept aggressive pets. We do not offer a multiple dog discount, because we offer all pets freedom in our play areas, instead of restricting 2 or more dogs to the same small space, or stacking them on top of one another in cages the way most other facilities do, during busy boarding seasons. We DO have a proper ratio of staff to dogs (10 to 1).

We are the only pet care center that has PACCC certified staff (certified in professional animal care) in three states! Our staff also has professional training in dog body language to prevent most fights and bites, and training in both canine and feline First Aid and CPR. Sadly, these certifications are not required in our industry. They are voluntary.

We are the only pet care center that has staff inside 24 hours when pets are boarded. These staff are not on another floor, or watching the pets on a camera. They are WITH them.

Win-Win or No Deal—We provide excellent service to (and solve problems for) all our pets and clients. We make our decisions on what is best for the pets, not how much money we make. If we cannot create a relationship that is win-win, there is no deal, and no hard feelings.

Our Mission—We want to be your pet care provider for life. We strive that all pets should have an experience with us that leaves them behaviorally or emotionally the same or better.

We are not just a planet…except for you, we are your pet’s universe.