Incredidogs, Assemble!

In case you haven’t been to YPS in the last week, Bark to School has started Year 3. Yes, our Tricks Class is back and it is superheroes themed–what’s not to love?

If you’d like to enroll your pup for 8 weeks (Aug-Sept), and he is not taking Manners Class with us, Tuition is $40. Your dog will be taught a new trick every week, and we will provide you a video to continue training with your dog at home! In October we will have our usual Tricks for Treats contest where your dog can win a prize! (Although it’s Super Fun every year–see what I did there?–no matter who gets it.)

Requirement: your dog must attend 2 days of daycare each week of Bark To School–yes they can be half days.

If your dog already attends Manners Class twice a week, Bark to School is FREE.

Ask us how to enroll your dog today!

Well, That’s a Heck of a Thing…

We’re really enjoying our new building and we’re glad you and the dogs are, too. Most things are improvements here on Hadley, but one thing has happened we didn’t expect!

Sounds are reverberating off our new metal walls like crazy!

As it is always our mission to reduce stress in our guest dogs, we gave this some thought and did a couple of things to help right away:

  1. We changed the configuration inside so when people come for tours, and when we have workmen about, they will pass fewer dogs.
  2. We will be installing an interior camera to pan the large dog play areas (it was really stressing the pups out when we walked clients up the stairway to give tours!) so we can show folks that are touring what is happening without stressing out our guests.
  3. We will now conduct tours only at the following hours:

MON-SAT 11am-12pm
SUN 11am-12pm

You should notice a difference the next time you visit YPS. Enjoy!