Thanks to all for a for a wonderful open house at our new building on Saturday! It was so fun seeing all of you and meeting lots of new potential clients. Just this past Monday we hit capacity, which is something never before seen on a Monday!

Since we can’t imagine getting less busy at this point, we think it’s a good time to let new clients know some of the ins and outs of YPS, as well as post some reminders for regular clients…

First and Foremost:
We generally send this reminder out every Spring, but it bears repeating now, since we are hearing around town that an upsurge of ticks has been detected! The following FLEA AND TICK POLICY is part of the contract every client of Your Pet Space signs upon entry:

Owner is obligated to verify that their dog(s) is in good health and is free from any condition that could potentially jeopardize the health of other guests. Dogs that have been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days must provide veterinarian certification of health to be admitted or readmitted to our facility. If, at any time during care, a dog is noticed to have fleas or ticks, the owner will be notified and treatment may be applied and charged to the owner at the minimum rate of $20.00. All dogs will be examined for signs of fleas and ticks at check in. This “spot check” is not a foolproof process; therefore, YPS requires all dogs to be on a topical or oral flea and tick preventative (excluding flea and tick collars). Product suggestions: Vectra, K-9 Advantix, Frontline Plus, Advantage.

To understand why this is important, even if you have never seen a flea or tick on your pet, please read this article we posted long ago about how fleas and ticks move and when.

Scheduling–Did you know you have selected the only pet care facility in three states that is PACCC Certified in a cage free environment? (Go, you!) In observing best supervision practices, we schedule our daycare staff in a ratio of 1 person for every 7-10 dogs in play. Please help us keep everyone safe by doing the following when you can:

  1. Preschedule your dog(s) as far out as possible. If you are more comfortable with speaking to us rather than using our online scheduling, just let us know when you next stop in which days and times we should expect your dog on a regular basis. (It’s a good idea to do this even if you think we know.)
  2. Give us at least 24 hours notice of changes whenever possible. If you make a reservation and can’t keep it, please inform us–especially during the holidays! If you need to come in the next day, try to let us know as soon as you know.
  3. When scheduling transport, we may need 48 hours notice. We are proud to be the only facility in town that offers affordable, daily pickup and drop off. We always try to accommodate special time requests–however please be aware our drivers will arrive within a 1 hour window of your requested time, not exactly at the requested time.
  4. Grooming Appointments: Our pure oxygen baths have become so popular that we suggest you pre-schedule when possible–and even schedule recurring baths so that your dog is always in great shape.
  5. After hours checkout/checkin. We are proud to offer longer hours than any other facility in town! However, should you request drop off or pickup even further outside of our normal hours, we can do this for a $10 fee, with prior notice. (This applies to early/late daycare as well as boarding). We do not allow extended check in/out earlier than 6am or later than 8pm on any day, for the comfort of our boarding guests. At our discretion, we may allow an exception to the after hours checkin/out policy. Also, for the comfort of our daytime guests, please remember that we are closed daily for Doggy Naptime from 12 to 3pm.
  6. All boarding deposits (50% of the cost of the stay) are due 7 days ahead of your checkin date. If you have not heard from us after the initial “reservation made” email is sent, know that your reservation is NOT CONFIRMED until we receive your deposit, and the space may be given to someone else if not paid. (This is very likely to happen this holiday season.) So please call us to make payment or stop by as soon as you can to ensure you are confirmed. Keeping a credit card securely on file with us is often utilized by our clients–so let us know if this is a good option for you. And don’t forget the additional 5% discount we offer for cash payments!
  7. If you schedule a reservation within less than 7 days, your deposit is due immediately. At our discretion, we may allow payment at checkin. But this is not our usual policy, and we reserve the right to collect a deposit immediately for any stay or refuse the booking.
  8. No refund for cancellation or early return. No refund of deposits. Once a deposit is paid, if you must cancel the stay we will hold any paid deposit on file against future service (you do not lose it, but it is not refunded.) Also, because we understand you want to pickup your pet as soon as possible, we are the only facility in town to offer checkout of your dogs every day of the week with relaxed hours. However, we do not provide refunds if you choose to arrive early for your pet, as it’s likely we turned down someone else booking that same space when it was reserved for your dog. At our discretion, we may allow an exception to the no refund policy.
  9. Also please realize that all our discounts are a return courtesy offered to those clients that courteously pay their deposits and daycare in advance–and will not be offered for partial or late payment.
  10. In the event that you ever need help and we are already at capacity, keep in mind we do offer home care and dog walking.

Thanks, and enjoy the Fall season!