The owners of Your Pet Space have had the opportunity, through the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, to receive guidelines from both veterinarians and engineers in hospital disease control over the last few days. Please read the following carefully and call/e-mail us if you have questions.

Known facts about this virus:
Coronavirus 2019 is a NEW airborne zoonotic disease. The CDC has only recently discovered that this pathogen can travel through the air and live outside a human body in the environment for as long as 37 days. This means large droplets can leave a dried residual which can then enable the virus to subsequently travel on dust particles from place to place.
This is why it is important to not only practice good personal hygiene but also to clean surfaces regularly and change your clothes when you get home.

Known facts about dogs and this virus:
There are two types of canine coronavirus: CrCOV (Canine Cough) and CeCOV (Enteric). NEITHER can infect humans.
Dogs cannot contract COVID-19 themselves, but can be contaminated or carry the virus (mostly likely on their fur), infecting humans.
The Ogena Oxygen Shampoo we use regularly in grooming is effective against things as concerning as Ringworm, so we will continue grooming with this product as usual.

What YPS is doing about prevention:
• We have always used and will continue to use an EPA approved pet safe cleaning product (Rescue) that is effective against emerging new viruses. We have also doubled our usual sanitation protocols.

• We will wipe down dogs’ fur with pet safe wipes upon entry to our facility, upon pickup for transport, and wipe down leashes and other boarding inventory with Rescue as well.

• We will be cleaning all surfaces—especially in our offices and break areas—with EPA products approved to be effective against emerging new viruses.

• We will be using a higher rated filter in our air return system and changing it more frequently.

• We have provided immune boosting supplements for our staff, educated them on concerning symptoms, and asked them to stay home if ill.

• We will offer curbside service to our clients to reduce the number of people entering our building. We can also pick up your dog if you are in self quarantine and not ill.

• We will research starting points and destinations of clients boarding their pets to determine whether the risk is too great to accept these dogs.

• We will NOT accept any pets or enter homes of pets where COVID-19 is confirmed.

Clients have asked if Your Pet Space will remain open. YES. It has always been our job to serve you and your pets when you cannot. Please let us know how we can help you over the next few weeks.

Take heart! Sunlight has been called “nature’s greatest disinfectant” because the ultraviolet light inactivates most bacteria and viruses. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Love, Dave and Joy