Jul 30

The Your Pet Space Company Culture

  • Our priorities are safety and fulfillment of the pets in our care as well as each other.
  • We all feel ownership in what we do. We always do our best.
  • We understand trust is earned by being responsible in all matters.
  • We work as a team. We are fair and accepting of one another.
  • We prevent problems through proactive discussion/planning.
  • We use respectful language and listen with intent to understand rather than just reply–to one another and our clients. We don’t take anything personally.
  • We communicate directly and honestly, with the intent to help, not harm.
  • We don’t make assumptions. We are impeccable with our word.
  • We are happy to step up, learning more and doing more when asked.
  • We are open to seek and teach reduction of stress/continuous renewal for pets and people that is physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • We foster synergy with our fellow pet lovers that can accomplish more good than any one of us could alone.

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