On the subject of safety and liability…   At Your Pet Space we are extremely proud of the professional industry safety and care certifications we and our staff have earned which we use for both in facility and home care.

Due to liability issues which may surface when accepting your pet from someone else’s care such as a non-certified neighbor, friend or pet sitter, as of June 10th we must have a waiver on file stating whether your caregiver has professional certifications in pet care and that we are held harmless for injuries, escapes, missed medications or meals, or toxins having been ingested before or after they are with us. 

In addition, we ask that you provide the names of any persons permitted to pick up your pets in advance, and that you inform the person you’ve hired to observe our regular operating hours and naptime.  No pets will be admitted to or checked out of daycare by anyone other than you or your authorized caregiver.