Bark to School 2021 Begins!0 (0)

Bark to School 2021 Begins!
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WHAT IS BARK TO SCHOOL? Bark to School Year 5 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 8 weeks. When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach new tricks every week.  But wait!  There’s so...
Do You Brush?0 (0)

Do You Brush?
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Do you brush your dog’s teeth?  If so, good for you!  Most people do not brush their dog’s teeth, and that can lead to health problems.  Just like you, dogs have bacteria in their mouth that can get into the bloodstream through the gums and travel throughout the...

February is Dog Is Love Month at YPS!
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Dog is love…plain and simple. You have a unique love and bond with your dog(s) that is so profound, you can’t imagine life without them. This past year, they have added more meaning to your days. In a time when people are exposed to chaos and uncertainty, your...

YPS Special Announcement!
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Last year had a definite impact on the business of Your Pet Space, which we created because of our love of dogs and other pets and desire to help people.  However, we have been working behind the scenes to add something new! We are launching a section on our website...
Announcing the New YPS Board and Train Academy!0 (0)

Announcing the New YPS Board and Train Academy!
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Have you adopted a dog or puppy during the pandemic and you need them trained quickly because you’re returning to work? Are you too busy to give your dog the dedicated time needed to get him started in training? Does your dog have problem behaviors you’re unable to...