NEW APP HAS ARRIVED!-4 Ways to Communicate with YPS0 (0)

NEW APP HAS ARRIVED!-4 Ways to Communicate with YPS
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The NEW Number 1 Way We are so excited today to share with you a project we’ve been working on for several weeks that was designed just for YOU, our clients! In these unprecedented times, and especially now with COVID cases going up again in our county and all over...
2020 Bark To School Begins!0 (0)

2020 Bark To School Begins!
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WHAT IS BARK TO SCHOOL? Bark to School Year 4 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 8 weeks. When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach new tricks every week.  But wait!  There’s so...

Important Client News!
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To receive text alerts when these messages are posted, just text YPSNEWS to 575-652-4404.  Our texting compliance policies can be found by clicking here. We are getting full again!  Great news, right?  In fact, we are getting so busy we have been hiring and training...

COVID-19 Statement
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The owners of Your Pet Space have had the opportunity, through the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, to receive guidelines from both veterinarians and engineers in hospital disease control over the last few days. Please read the following carefully...
Your Pet Space Now Offering Oral Treatments0 (0)

Your Pet Space Now Offering Oral Treatments
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February is National Dental Health month. In observance of this Your Pet Space is adding a new service: Oral Treatments.While most people brush their teeth twice a day, we tend to ignore the dental health of our pets. Oral care is essential to your pet’s well-being....