Bark to School Year 6 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 7 weeks.

When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach him a new trick every week.  We will also provide you with videos created by our staff to continue training with your dog at home!  You will have access to these videos forever.

On October 22nd we will have our Tricks for Treats contest at YPS, where your dog can win a prize! 

Funny routines with sequential tricks and costumes are not required, but killing your audience with cute never hurts.  😉  Just have fun with your dogs!


Oooo, ahhh. That’s how it always starts. But then later, there’s running and screaming.  Is your clever girl learning where she fits on the food chain?  Or maybe you’re not sure you want her to figure that out… Are you hiding treats from him and whispering to other family members, “Do you think he-saurus?”

Sometimes, you just need more teeth.  And you know Your Pet Space always finds a way. Well, hold onto your butts. 

And welcome to…Jurassic Bark!

Whether your dog is a Grumporaptor, the infamous D-Rex or a flying Terriersaur, we’re opening the park to visitors this year!


Enrollment Period: Aug 27th-Sept 5th 

Classes are taught at YPS Mon-Fri Sept 6th-Oct 21st

Tricks For Treat In Person Contest and prizes awarded Saturday  Oct 22nd 1230pm


Requirements for Enrollment

  • Must be attending daycare 2 times per week during Bark to School

  • Must have achieved an A or B in training with us OR

  • Must exhibit attention mostly focused and be interested in learning


    If your dog is already participating in Mission Discovery Daycare, tuition is $0.

    If your dog is not in Mission Discovery but already has some obedience training, tuition is $60.


    PRIZES–we spared no expense!

    Gold Medal winner will receive $100 cash (or YPS credit) prize

    Silver Medal winner will receive gift basket worth $70

    Bronze medal winner will receive gift basket worth $50


    Help your Dino-Dog be the star attraction of the Park! Enroll today!