Dental Health Month

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February is Pet Dental Health Month? But true Oral Health is an annual plan.

Dental health is important

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Dental Hygiene

YPS Article by Dave Jones

Ideally we would brush our dog’s teeth every day.  Are you doing that?  Me neither.  At a minimum your pet needs its teeth brushed three times a week.  In an effort to make your dog better and help you improve your dog’s oral care we are enhancing our oral care packages.

Oral Treatment Packages!

   If your dog is with us at least three times a week for daycare you can add a monthly oral treatment package for only $42 for twelve oral treatments.  With this package we will brush your dog’s teeth with the PetSmile toothpaste three times during his week of daycare.  If your dog is not in daycare you can stop by anytime to have the oral treatment applied.  Just call first so that we can have a groomer standing by to complete the treatment.

   If you would like to do this yourself at home, we carry the PetSmile toothpaste in the 2.5 ounce and the 4.2 ounce tube. If you purchase the toothpaste from Your Pet Space we will include a toothbrush at no extra charge and show you how to brush your dog’s teeth

   We will still offer the individual oral treatments to help freshen the breath.  Remember that to remove plaque the PetSmile toothpaste must be applied at least three times a week.

   Ideally we would brush our dog’s teeth every day. At a minimum your pet needs its teeth brushed three times a week every week of the year.  Plaque is constantly forming on your dog’s teeth, and turns into tartar in about 72 hours.  You can brush the plaque off, but only a K9 dentist can remove tartar.  So you see, brushing at least every third day will improve your dog’s oral hygiene and overall health.


We use PetSmile toothpaste because it is clinically proven to remove plaque and prevent tartar build up, and the only canine toothpaste listed as acceptable by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.  It will start working just by getting it on the teeth.  Brushing will improve the results.

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