Do you brush your dog’s teeth?  If so, good for you!  Most people do not brush their dog’s teeth, and that can lead to health problems.  Just like you, dogs have bacteria in their mouth that can get into the bloodstream through the gums and travel throughout the entire body.  Brushing the teeth on a regular basis can help prevent this.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?  Once? Twice? Three times?  Right after you brush your teeth you should brush your dog’s teeth.  That is the best course of action but may seem extreme.  PetMD recommends brushing your dog’s teeth two or three times a week.  I read somewhere that plaque hardens into tartar in about 48 hours, so it seems like you should brush every other day.  Certainly the more often you brush your dog’s teeth, the better.

What is plaque?  Plaque is that sticky stuff that forms on the teeth anytime something acidic is eaten.  The good news is that plaque can be brushed off.  The bad news is that if you don’t get it off, it turns into tartar, and only a dentist can remove tartar.  So take action now to prevent tartar buildup.

It is EASY!

Your Pet Space uses PetSmile toothpaste in our oral treatments.  PetSmile is formulated to dissolve the plaque on teeth so all you really have to do is get it into your dog’s mouth.  Dog’s love the taste so getting it on the teeth isn’t a problem.  The mechanical action of brushing improves the effectiveness of the toothpaste by scrubbing the plaque off of the teeth with the benefit of stimulating the gums and helping to prevent gingivitis.   Brushing isn’t just about removing plaque and keeping teeth sparkly white.  Periodontal disease is very common in dogs, leading to painful and bleeding gums.  Regular brushing will help prevent this.

I’ve been talking about dogs, but all pets need a good oral regimen.  Dogs love the PetSmile toothpaste and are easy to care for.  Cats need a little more encouragement.  The best time to start any pet is when they are babies.  Teach them young that oral care is part of their daily routine and they will expect it. The second best time to start is after cleaning by the Veterinarian.   After the cleaning, keeping them on a regular routine will make oral care easy for you and save you money at the vet.

There are other products on the market that can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy.  Chews and water additives are common.  Talk to your vet about what will be the best fit for your pet.  We stock the PetSmile toothpaste and have a small supply ready to send home with you.  We also offer oral treatments with this brand.

Consistency is key to good oral hygiene.  Brush at least three times a week for your pet’s health.  Take your pet to the vet for an oral exam at least once a year.

Keep your pet smiling!  He’ll thank you with a long, healthy life!

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