Have you adopted a dog or puppy during the pandemic and you need them trained quickly because you’re returning to work?

Are you too busy to give your dog the dedicated time needed to get him started in training?

Does your dog have problem behaviors you’re unable to solve at home?

Is your dog in training now or has been to training class and seems to not be responding to or forgetting his training?

If so, our board and train program is for you!

  • Things your dog can learn in this program:
    Toilet Training
    Crate Training
    Reliable Obedience even with Distractions
  • Things we can help your dog overcome:
    Collar/Handling Sensitivity
    Fear of People
    Destructive Chewing
    Excessive Barking/Howling
    Separation Anxiety
    Jumping Up
    Pulling on Leash

How we work:
Our mission is always to make pets better! Therefore, our staff receives continuing education from experienced veterinarians and animal behaviorists in Classical Conditioning and Lure/Reward training .

During an initial day of daycare and training evaluation, our staff will be able to discuss with you your goals and concerns and then work with your dog to see what motivates him and how he responds to us. Every dog is unique, and we want you to feel confident about the training and the possibilities you and your dog can have with us.

You may have heard that it’s not the dog that needs training, but the owner! We actually believe it’s both, so we provide training for clients also, so they can duplicate the training we use for their dog, and follow up at home. This training will be completed online and via Zoom chat for now, and will eventually transfer to on site learning once it’s safe to do so.

Your Dog’s Days With Us:
The very best gift you can give your dog is socialization in a safe, controlled environment. We provide a doggie enrichment and training daycare program that helps your dog:

Relieve boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior at home.
Improve socialization between people and other dogs.
Maintain a healthy weight with regular exercise.
Train in a high distraction environment where he feels safe.
Learn loose leash walking and get some change of scenery outside our play areas.

Your Dog’s Nights With Us:
During boarding, your dog will have a person nearby at all times (instead of standing over a floor drain all night as at other facilities). This overnight trainer will help your dog:

Train in a low distraction environment where he feels safe.
Learn to chew appropriate toys instead of being destructive.
Curb excessive barking/howling
Learn to overcome Separation Anxiety in small, manageable increments

We do NOT use punishment in our training.  Here’s why:
What Is Positive Punishment in Dog Training?
We do NOT use shock collars in our training.  Here’s why:
Are Shock Collars Painful or Just Annoying to Dogs?

Our Guarantee:
We guarantee that if a client makes working with their dog a consistent priority after our training, the dog will be better behaved.
We guarantee that if you are unable to make working with your dog a consistent priority after our training, we will be happy to initiate training again.
We guarantee that if you have a question about training, we will help, even once your dog has completed training with YPS.
We guarantee that as long as you are a YPS client, we will help you problem solve in your dog’s training.

We will never give up on you or your dog.

Call Your Pet Space today for a quote on our Board and Train Academy for your dog!