The NEW Number 1 Way

We are so excited today to share with you a project we’ve been working on for several weeks that was designed just for YOU, our clients!

In these unprecedented times, and especially now with COVID cases going up again in our county and all over New Mexico, this new feature will continue to help keep you safe in your communications with YPS.

As of today, we are making available to you our free YOUR PET SPACE APP!

Let’s walk through some of the benefits to you in using this awesome new resource:

  1. Curbside Drop Off/Pickup–even after the COVID mess is all over, we’ll be continuing our curbside service, because our clients love it!  For FASTEST service, though, use your new APP to easily and quickly alert us 5-10 minutes BEFORE you arrive, for a shorter wait!
  2. Appointment Requests–Don’t have time to make a phone call?  Tap your APP and select a service, then jot us a note about what you need and we’ll contact you!  EASY, right?
  3. Questions about adding a service–You can read detailed descriptions and pricing for everything we offer in your APP, while you’re waiting in line or watching TV.  Check this feature out–you might be surprised at all YPS offers!
  4. Sales/Loyalty Offers–from now on, our sales and other special deals will be in our APP.  Pssst–there are some waiting for you at first use!
  5. Daycare Package Purchases–Don’t have a card on file but want to renew your package at a distance?  Buy from your APP, using Paypal!  EASY and secure.  😉
  6. Vaccine Updates--Now you can take a pic from the vet’s office and send new vaccines through your APP.  SO much more convenient than having to scan and e-mail!
  7. Get to Know Our Staff–Check out the Meet Our Team tab, and learn about the fresh new faces you see as YPS expands our crew!
  8. Referrals–Ever wish you had our brochure with you to share?  Just share your APP right to a friend’s phone or email!  Is that EASY or what?

How could this get better, you ask?  

  1. Pictures and videos–Soon you’ll be able to receive pics and videos of your pets on a regular basis through your APP! 

Ways 2 and 3

By far, we expect our new APP will be the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to communicate with us and maintain your safety.  BUT, of course you may always use these as a backup:


Call:  575-652-4404

And for scheduling on your own or to check your account status:

(Please be aware that self scheduling is sometimes blocked off if we are full or close to full on certain days.  But you can always use the APP to inquire about dates you need, even if it is after hours.)

Above all, we want every client to know that we do MISS seeing you, hugging you and love speaking directly with you.  If you EVER feel only a phone call will do, and do not need an immediate response, please leave a message using one of these methods, and though it may take a bit longer to respond, we will get back to you.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new APP.  It was created by YPS for YOU, our awesome clients!  



Google Play:

See you soon!  🙂

Dave, Joy and Staff