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We are getting full again!  Great news, right?  In fact, we are getting so busy we have been hiring and training new staff!  So get ready for some new, fresh faces.  🙂  Because of this, we are making some new requests of our clients…

LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS–we understand with the ongoing nature of COVID challenges that everyone’s schedule is a bit off and in some cases last minute requests can’t be helped.  We encourage those who can, though, to return to pre-booking and getting boarding deposits paid as soon as you know you might need to have your dog(s) with us–we have and may need to continue to  turn last minute reservations away on some days coming up. We are beginning to close our schedule to online booking when we can see it is filling up fast, but don’t always catch this in time to prevent reservation collisions!  🙂  Please note this applies to boarding and daycare.

Another way you can help us (and other clients) is being kind enough to let us know as soon as possible when your dog will not be attending his/her regular days at daycare or you need to change your boarding reservation.  When we don’t know until the day of, or in some cases after your dog was to check in–ahem!–we may have already turned another client away, assuming there isn’t room…or we were unable to schedule enough staff in advance to keep the dogs safe in play.

Just as you would make an appointment with a health care provider, please remember this is an appointment for your pet, and treat it accordingly.

As our new staff are trained we can safely open more spaces for dogs in play.  We don’t expect this to take more than a few weeks.  The certified training we provide our staff takes time to learn and we need time to properly assess and correct their progress.  We do not allow just anyone at any level of skill and training to care for your pets.

CURBSIDE CHECKINS/CHECKOUTS–please text when you arrive rather than call.  This helps us sort out reservation calls from checkins.  Again, the number is 575-652-4404.  Thanks!  We will soon have an even better way of checking in–so keep reading the news!

VACCINES–It’s August, so all vaccines for your pets should be up to date with us.  If they are not, you may be turned away, as we must  provide a safe place for all pets to play.  Please let us know if you are having trouble getting in to your vet.  Otherwise it is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide proof of vaccines.

Thanks and see you soon,

Dave and Joy