Since the last time we updated, we have been working on a Club Card Program with Better Life Pet Foods! Basically, the way it will work is the cards will have our logo and theirs on them, and each of us will offer 5% off to the other’s clients/customers! In addition, folks who book services with us can receive 5% off grooming at Better Life, plus get a half pound of free treats. 😀 And that’s not all!  Better Life will be using some of our up front space to promote their aquatics section at Your Pet Space. In return, we will develop a poster sized infographic with our services to hang in their stores. We are so lucky to have connected with Kat Lacy and her staff, and we will keep you informed as to how this develops. 😀

Our daycare continues to be busy, two or three times a week, and this weekend we have more boarding dogs in as well…

So, things are looking up! Please continue to share posts from our Facebook Page.

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