Bark to School Year 4 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 8 weeks.

When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach new tricks every week.  But wait!  There’s so much more! We will also provide you with an online video learning system to continue training with your dog at home!  You will have access to this system for 1 full year–long enough to keep working with your dog until the 5th year of Bark To School!

In October we will have our Tricks for Treats contest where your dog can win a prize! Traditionally, this event has been held live, on site at YPS.  But this year, for your safety, we’re going to change it up.  Now, you will take a video of your dog doing his tricks for you at home, and our clients will get to vote for the winner’s video! 

Funny routines with sequential tricks and costumes are not required, but killing your audience with cute never hurts.  😉  Just have fun with your dogs!


Is your dog a criminal at heart? Does he steal your shoes, go into hideout or escape when you least expect it?  Does she bat her eyes at you to get some special treat, then make off with your lunch when your bark is turned?  Well then, it’s possible you have a Mobster Mutt or a Mobster Moll Mutt!  Whether your dog is the Boss of you, a Goodfella or a Living Doll, we’re about to make you an offer you can’t refuse!


Enrollment Period: Aug 6th-Sept 6th  (Start video training yourself right away!)

Classes are taught at YPS Mon-Fri Aug 10th through Oct 9th

Tricks For Treat Video Voting  Oct 19th-23rd

Prizes Awarded  Oct 26th-30th

If your dog is already participating in one of our training offerings (Manners Class, Puppy Academy, Mission Discovery), tuition is $40.  If your dog has not enrolled in our training but already has some obedience under his belt, tuition is $50.  Most of these courses are $100 or more–what a great value for you!

What can you win?

1st place winner will receive $80 cash prize

2nd place dog will receive gift basket worth $50

3rd place dog will receive gift basket worth $30


Help your Mobster Mutt avoid The Slammer!  Text, e-mail or call us to enroll your dog today!