On May 21st, we broke our top occupany number of 19 dogs at once (with 23 dogs in house).   For many months we just could not get over 19, and since our capacity at Your Pet Space is 40, we are very excited at this breakthrough!  Since the 21st, we have run steadily, days at a time, with 18 in house, plus have begun to add many home sitting jobs.

For instance, this month Dave and I ran a stop by job for a household with three dogs and four cats, Dave ran a dog and horse job–yep, we’re officially a dog and pony show now!–and one of our staff members had an 8 day job sitting two dogs and three cats, where one of the dogs was partially paralyzed and really needed to be at home with her loving, personal care.

You’ve been seeing our staff members working in facility more, and we’re so proud of all of them:  “Coach” Laz has been working our Fit Paws program quite a bit.  Taylor (our resident safety expert) has been advising us as she works with the dogs, and Aly even brought her service puppy (in training) in one day, as she worked.  Scott Larabee helped out a couple of days also during the Memorial Day Weekend rush, when he wasn’t working at Safe Haven.

Thanks to all of our fine staff members for being such pawsome assets and helping us grow!