It’s that time of year again when we want to remind all of our clients that in some areas of town fleas and ticks are beginning to appear.  At this time, we’d like to draw your attention to this clause of your contract with Your Pet Space that advises the following:

“If, at any time during care, a dog is noticed to have fleas or ticks, the owner will be notified and treatment may be applied and charged to the owner at the minimum rate of $15.00. All dogs will be examined for signs of fleas and ticks at check in. This “spot check” is not a foolproof process; therefore, Your Pet Space requires all dogs to be on a topical or oral flea and tick preventative (excluding flea and tick collars). Product suggestions: Vectra 3D, K-9 Advantix, Frontline Plus, Advantage. “

Some of you have asked which product we use for our dogs, and it is the Vectra3D.  The reason we chose this product is it is faster than any of the others, and can be used on all dogs (even puppies) except for pregnant females.

Vectra sells their products only to vets, as they want to be very sure the product is being dispensed to the right dogs, at the right dosage for their weight.  One of our clients discovered Vectra on sale by Amazon, however this is not condoned by the company, as resellers may tamper with the product!  We recommend if purchasing this product online that you go to PetCareRx.Com, as they have vets on staff, so are licensed to sell Vectra properly.  As such, they will require a Rx from your vet.  Or your vet can order the product for you and let you know when it arrives.

A few of our clients would prefer a natural solution.  As you know, we are generally very holistic–however we have not experienced good results in the past from going this route–your results may differ.  Should you choose to do this, we can provide you with a doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils recipe to use for your dog.  We have seen different clients get different results depending on the density of brush around their home or walking areas.

We want to caution all of our clients that even if you have never seen a flea or tick in your area, they do migrate and many people saw them for the first time last season.  So everyone is vulnerable.

Since our policy is to treat any dog on which fleas or ticks are found, please inform us now of what you are using or intend to use, so that your dog is not double dosed in daycare.  (We want to treat cases where product is already applied and just needs to be changed differently than a dog presenting with no product applied at all.)  And of course inform us if your dog has had a previous reaction to a preventative, or for some other reason you intend NOT to treat your dog and would prefer to risk us dosing and charging you if found.

As always, thank you for putting your trust in this and all matters concerning your beloved pets.

Dave and Joy