Wow, it’s been awhile since we posted here! Yes, we’ve been just that busy. 🙂

The latest thing that’s been keeping Dave and I running around is trying to figure out what’s happening with our little Brittany, Castle. She seems to have gone suddenly blind, and we have been taking her back and forth to our vet as well as the doggy eye doctor.  Hopefully, we’ll get a final answer some time this coming week…

In the meantime, here she is rocking her new Muffin’s Halo, a harness especially developed for blind dogs!  It’s been very sad watching her run into walls and her siblings since all this started.  She panics when caught underneath the dining room chair legs, and when out in the yard alone.  But since we got her this device, we can tell she feels much better.

The first thing Castle did when we put it on was start using it like a blind person uses a cane!  She walked up and down the hallway, swinging her head slowly from side to side, and deliberately bumping into things with the halo that protects her face, to find exactly where they were.  It’s made a huge difference to see her walking confidently through the yard, too.  We’re so happy we found this product.  🙂

We’ll keep you updated as we know more about our little girl.  See you soon at the facility!