We are so excited to let our clients know that we are suiting up to begin a new adventure in our business–grooming!  As with any new endeavor, we are preparing as carefully as possible, which is why grooming services will be released in a gradual manner, beginning 8/27 through 12/1/17.

Many, many of our clients over the past two years have been waiting for these services, and have demonstrated a genuine interest in helping our business grow.  Therefore, we are offering a limited number the chance to make a real investment in helping us launch our grooming area by pre-paying services in return for faster scheduling and additional perks.  You can read about these on our new grooming page.

For those of you who simply would like to have your dog bathed, scroll down that page to Commander’s Ala Carte, to see the new features that will be available later this month.

As many of you already know, certifications are very important to us here at Your Pet Space.  As our staff becomes grooming certified over the next couple of months, many more new grooming services will be available–so get very excited!

Once again, we are so grateful to have all of you with us on our mission to reduce the stress in boarded dogs, to offer fun socialization for daycare dogs, to safely care for pets at home, and now to make your furry space travelers sweet smelling and dashing looking explorers! 😀

See you soon!

Joy and Dave