No business is begun without a lot of help from A LOT of people!

Special Thanks to the Following Folks This Year:

Kary Bulsterbaum of Steinborn Realty, who helped us find the perfect building to get started.

Marci Dickerson, our awesome landlady, and Charles F. Dickerson Auctioneers.

The Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, for our ribbon cutting and help with promotion by the local newspapers and TV stations.

Kat Lacy of Better Life Natural Pet Foods, who teamed up with us to create our Club Cards and refer customers to us.

Vic and Charissa at for their help with advertising in the best pet related mag in town.

Michel Meunier, of ACTion Programs For Animals, who gave us the opportunity to socialize and house some of their adoptable dogs.

Jean Gilbert of the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, for inviting us to present at Critter Connection, contributing to our blogs, and helping us get acquainted with the other animal welfare orgs locally.

Rick Hahn with the Coalition for Pets and People, who helped us get involved in a low cost micro chipping event locally.

Joe Miele with Broken Promises SW, for sharing a blog post about their organization on our magazine site and in our newsletter.

The Conservators Center of North Carolina, for providing photos of the animals housed there and allowing us to chronicle many of their animals’ lives in our online magazine.

Dr. Ron Leick, our Holistic Pet Consultant, for his continued support and willingness to educate us on the truth about pet vaccines.

Dr. Cook at East Lohmann Vet Clinic, who has kept all of our pets well over the past year.

Dr. Fredric Schlesinger, of Animal Acupuncture Westside  (Albuquerque) for his awesome blog on animal acupuncture.

Patricia Veronica Fraser, for her amazing compassion and healing reiki practices on our dogs, and some of our client dogs.

Vivienne Beauchemin, of The Agile Animal (now relocated) for the awesome massage work on Seba to reduce her stress.

April Oxford, Animal Behaviorist and Owner at A.J. Canine Academy, who conducts regular seminars at our facility.

Claren Wilson and Cloud K9, for referring us awesome employees and clients.

Small Animal Editor Mirrani HoupeOn Site Staff Member Laz GomezGuest Blogger Pallavi Bhattacharya, Karen Borejka, our Wildlife Editor and Joan Schweighardt, Literary Editor who have consistently provided amazing content on demand for our online magazine.

Paige Adams Strickland, Michelle Turchiano and Laurie Peek, who are constantly working in the background updating our Facebook page and keeping inventory of our blog content.

Paden Clayton of Fast Track Sites, who built our two new websites.  Paden, amazing work as usual!

Nicole Stocker, and Sloppy Kiss E Cards, who are responsible for all those lovely pet e-cards going to our clients.

Our family and friends back in Ohio, who have been so patient with our squeeing over having moved to The Land Of Enchantment.  🙂

And of course ALL of our visitors, customers and staff, both at our facility and on Facebook and Twitter.

We could never run YPS without all of you–and we are so excited you will be along for the ride to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!