We are very excited to announce today that our new bathing system (known in-house as “The Precious”) has arrived and we can now complete your dog’s bath in half the time of previous!  In addition to being time saving, it provides many other benefits, such as being 90% water conserving, removing more dirt than other systems, AND the dogs are loving the warm, “back scratching” feel it has!

To see the system in action, check out this link with video:  http://ogenasolutions.com/anivac/

Call us today to schedule your dog, or add a bath when you bring them in for daycare or boarding.  Here is a link to our pricing for both single baths and discount bath packs:  https://www.yourpetspace.com/grooming/

At this time, Dave is certified to perform “cleanup trims” around the sanitary area and paws.  We expect full certification for grooming by the end of 2018.

Get excited!  We are so pleased with The Precious and we know you will be too–call us today to schedule!  🙂