Although it has, in the past, been our policy to limit the requirement of vaccines as best practice for our client pets, some new information from the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, in cooperation with Merck Animal Health, is prompting us to change our business model in this matter.

For some time now, the Canine Influenza virus has been present in parts of the US, but luckily for us, not in New Mexico. However now there is a second, new strain, which spreads best and fastest in low humidity environments, and has entered New Mexico and Texas (as close as El Paso). Of further concern, dogs can carry and spread this new strain for days before showing symptoms. They can come into contact with it not only by being in contact with other dogs, but also coming in contact with infected objects such as water bowls, toys and beds–and even from the hands and clothing of people such as daycare staff, veterinarian staff, trainers…even a neighbor who has touched another infected dog, then yours.

So–beginning August 20th, 2017, Your Pet Space will require that all dogs entering our facility have full immunization against this virus (both the old and new strains). We are also going to require vaccination against Bordetella. A Vaccine Waiver will no longer be offered. As we already require Rabies and Parvo-Distemper, this should effectively eliminate any risk in our facility.

What you should do: Contact your vet immediately to order the new vaccine that covers both strains. This is so new, that not all local vets are yet carrying it, but they can order it for you. The vaccine is a series of two shots, given two weeks apart. Your vet can answer more detailed questions.

Note that your dog is not fully immunized until two weeks after the second shot has been given. After August 19th your dog will not be able to enter our facility unless you have proof there has been time for full immunization. In addition, if you are a pet sitting client we must have proof this vaccine has been given and there is full immunization before we can enter your home, for reasons mentioned above.

Please know that we take the health of our guests extremely seriously, and we would not be taking this step if there was no concern. Please call or drop us an e-mail if you have any questions about this policy. Thanks for placing your trust in Your Pet Space.

Dave and Joy Jones,
Certified Professional Animal Care Providers