Greetings, wonderful clients!

We’d like to begin by saying thanks for making this our best summer ever–you rock!

At this time we’d also like to remind long standing as well as new clients that as we are reaching capacity more often, we STRONGLY recommend pre-scheduling for both boarding and daycare, and getting those boarding deposits in ASAP to ensure space and time is reserved for your pet(s).  There are days when we may not be able to accomodate last minute reservations at our facility.

Even if you think we know your regular daycare days, it’s a great idea to double check that we have your days reserved through the end of the year.  And if you know your Winter holiday dates, let us know those, too.  As a courtesy, it’s always nice as well for us to know if you have to drop some dates off the pre-scheduling-so we know we can give that space to another client.

PLEASE NOTE that even if you have purchased a daycare package, this does not guarantee space–only provides you with a discount for pre-purchase.  Also, even if you have scheduled a boarding reservation you may be turned away if your deposit has not yet been paid.

As we are cage-free, safe capacity is determined daily according to the following factors: size of dogs, number of dogs and square footage. (So if you have a larger dog, you have an even greater need to pre-schedule.)

THE GOOD NEWS is that IF you need service at the last minute on a day we are full, we can offer dog walking and pet sitting!  So we have you covered, no matter what.

So give us a call or drop us an e-mail as soon as you can to double check reservations are made and/or your deposit is received for your pets.

Thanks!  Have a great Summer!

Dave and Joy