Well, things here at Your Pet Space are winding up to an amazing Spring!

Since our Canine and Feline First Aid and CPR Classes, Dave and I also attended a continuing education workshop through IBPSA.  Because of this one workshop I can tell you there are many changes and improvements coming the way of our clients this season!

Some of our clients recently have already experienced one change in the form of our new Off Leash Play Assessments.  Dave and I have always evaluated dogs by these criteria, but this new system allows all of our staff to do the same without missing anything in a new dog.  And clients will be given a copy for their records as well.

Basically, the assessments place a dog in one of three categories according to their personality, breed and behavior:  Green, Yellow or Red.  “Green” dogs are those that love playing and interacting with other dogs. “Yellow” are those that tolerate most dogs but are selective with a few, and “Red” dogs have many issues dealing with other dogs–and, sometimes, people, too.

Being cage free (meaning we do not take a dog and cage it away from the others) means Your Pet Space cannot accept “Red” dogs.  Ideally, our goal is to have no more than a 20% ratio of “Yellow” dogs to 80% “Green” in any playgroup at any time.  Further, if we assess a “Yellow” scoring dog, we would begin to work–through positive reinforcement training–to bring its behaviors into the “Green”.

This is one of the new ways we plan to help the dogs come to us be able to enjoy their stay, and give our clients the peace of mind to know their pets are not exposed to another dog that puts them in danger.  Not to mention that it also assures us our staff are safe with all dogs accepted into the facility.

If we have not yet provided you an Off Leash Play Assessment on your dog, please let us know you’d like one!  This is a complimentary service. 😉

And…speaking of our staff–have you checked out the new Staff Profiles on our home page?  We invite you to do so.  We think you’ll be pleased at the amazing crew we’ve assembled to care for your fur babies this season.  Just go here.

Check out pics of our new “successful missions”, also!  You might find someone you recognize there!  😀

See you at Spring Break.  🙂  And watch this space for more exciting changes, coming soon!