Bark to School Year 7 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 8 weeks. New this year: Increase your chances of winning the contest and bond with your dog!  Come to free Saturday classes to learn the  trick of the week.

When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach him the new trick every week.  We will also provide you with videos created by our staff to continue training with your dog at home!  

On October 21st, we will have our Tricks for Treats contest at YPS, where your dog can win a prize! 

Funny routines with sequential tricks and costumes are not required, but killing your audience with cute never hurts.  😉  Just have fun with your dogs!


Captain’s Log: Stardate 0808.23–Since it was recently confirmed that there have been unidentified anomalous phenomena around Earth for a long time, we have decided to reveal that we at Your Pet Space are, in fact, secret members of Starfleet.

We’re doing so in the hope that we can enlist our clients and their dogs to join us on a special mission to recover the captain of Enterprise and his First Officer.  It seems there has been a transporter malfunction which has transformed them into canines:  Captain Bark and Mr. Spot! 

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Your Pet Space. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new dog toys; to seek out new clients and new pets to help; to boldly go where no Pet Care Providers have gone…before!    


Is your dog brave and true (and overly dramatic) like Captain Kirk?  Or maybe he’s got pointed ears and often looks at you with that judgy, logical gaze like Mr. Spock?  Maybe she has a snaggle toothed “resting Klingon face”.  Or he constantly leaps into trouble, chewing up your your best red shirt?

Whether your dog is a Scotty who loves taking things apart, a Blue Shirt Heeler or a fascinated–ahem!–Science recruit, the needs of the one this year (well, two, if you count Spock) outweigh the needs of the many!  You and your dog are being drafted as Cadets into the furry version of Starfleet. 

Live Long and Pawsper!  The situation is about to get hairy…



Enrollment Period: Aug 8th-19th 

Trick training is taught during Daycare at YPS Mon-Fri Aug 14th-Oct 8th 

Saturday Client Classes are taught Aug 12th-Sept 30th

Tricks For Treat In Person Contest and prizes awarded Saturday  Oct 21st 1230pm


Requirements for Enrollment

  • Must be attending daycare 2 times per week during Bark to School AND

  • Must have achieved an A or B in training with us for at least 1 month


    If you have or purchase a Mission Discovery Daycare Package, tuition is $0.

    If your dog does not have a Mission Discovery Daycare Package, tuition is $75.



    UFP Medal Of Honor winner will receive $125 cash (or YPS credit) prize

    Star Cross Medal winner will receive a Star Trek Themed prize worth $60-$80

    Medal Of Valor winner will receive Better Life Pet Foods gift basket worth $50


    Help your Cadet find Mr. Spot! Enroll today!