new entrance

Don’t be surprised when you bring your dog to daycare this week if we ask you to step “behind the curtain”.  🙂  Yes, by this coming Monday afternoon you will be entering through a different door into our new front office.  So follow the signs!

Another new change will be new software, as we will be changing over from Kennellink to Pet Reserve.  For the next couple of weeks, it will just be used by the YPS staff, but once we have the hang of it, it will be released to our clients.  YES, you will be able to schedule your own reservations online and upload your own shot records, etc.

We are so excited about Pet Reserve because, in addition to it being easier for the staff to learn, our billing statements will be A LOT easier to understand.  (Something our clients have been asking for from the beginning.)

To see what your Pet Reserve experience might look like, minus our cool logos, click here.

And don’t worry–if you’re old school, you can still call to schedule.  😉