Bark to School Year 5 is our annual Tricks Class for your dogs and each year has a fun theme–what’s not to love?  Enroll your pup for 8 weeks.

When your dog comes to daycare, we will teach new tricks every week.  But wait!  There’s so much more! We will also provide you with videos created by our staff to continue training with your dog at home!  You will have access to these videos forever.

In October we will have our Tricks for Treats contest where your dog can win a prize! Traditionally, this event is held live, on site at YPS.  But this year, for your safety, we’re going to adjust as we need to for ongoing COVID guidelines.  (If we cannot hold a live event, we may ask you to  take a video of your dog doing his tricks for you at home, and our judges will get to vote for the winner’s video!)  We’ll keep you informed as things this fall progress.  😉

Funny routines with sequential tricks and costumes are not required, but killing your audience with cute never hurts.  😉  Just have fun with your dogs!


Is your dog an undiscovered athlete?  Does he have perfect balance when begging for treats?  Can she not resist a ball–any ball?  Can your dogs jump the neighbor in a single bound?  Can he spin, weave, catch or tunnel like your living room is a performance arena–look out for the lamp!?  Does she have her own personal floor routine with belly rub time?  Or do they show off best in the pool, then come in and splash all over you?

Whether your dog is a Butter Paws, the next Air Bud or an Ultimutt Olympian, we’re setting the stage for him to take home the gold!


Enrollment Period: Aug 16th-Sept 3rd 

Classes are taught at YPS Mon-Fri Aug 23rd through Oct 15th

Tricks For Treat In Person Contest and prizes awarded Saturday  Oct 23rd 1230pm


Requirements for Enrollment

  • Must be able to focus on handler for at least 6 seconds

  • Must be able to sit and wait

  • Must be interested in learning/taking treats/accepting praise

  • Must be able to jump at least 6 inches from ground                                                                                                                                           **Dogs will not be taught to jump up on people

  • Must not be afraid of water


If your dog is already participating in Mission Discovery Daycare, tuition is $40.

If your dog is not in Mission Discovery but already has some obedience training, tuition is $50.


What can you win?

Gold Medal winner will receive $90 cash (or YPS credit) prize

Silver Medal winner will receive gift basket worth $60

Bronze medal winner will receive gift basket worth $40


Help your Top Dog realize his Olympic dreams!  Text, e-mail or call us to enroll your dog today!