Mar 1

Christine Shelsea—Administrative Assistantc

Christine Shelsea ADMIN ASSIST

Christine is from Las Cruces, NM and has experience with all types of dogs. She began her career with YPS as a Pet Care Specialist before moving to Administrative Assistant. Christine has completed training in canine and feline First Aid and CPR as well as the Dog Gurus course Knowing Dogs. She is an Animal […]

Apr 10

Joy Jones, CPACP, Owner

Joy grew up in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio with a series of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and aquariums.  Joy trained in pet facility management and was mentored at two pet boarding facilities in Ohio before relocating to New Mexico: Country Lane Pet Resort (traditional boarding) and Dogtown Cincinnati (cage free boarding).  She is one […]

Apr 10

Dave Jones, CPACP, Owner/Groomer

Dave grew up on a farm with dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits–and even a chameleon! Today he is more familiar to our clients as “Uncle Dave”, and we often hear just mentioning his name to our client dogs gets them excited, even before they walk in! Dave was trained in pet facility management and […]